Some of the comments our visitors have sent us:

"I was born a boy, raised as a girl to seven years and dressed a lot in secret ever since.  Now my wife has found out, she's great about it as are my daughters who are grown up.  I'm 58 and have all been shopping together and are going again on Thursday.  We want to find other TV's in our area with wives so that we have friends for support and meetings."
Tracey, United Kingdom (18/05/2004)

"I don't know where to start.  I'm so happy I've actually visited this site because otherwise I wouldn't have known how much people are actually going through or have already been through.  I am an eighteen year old girl but have been dressing up as a guy since I was little.  I'm still waiting for my appointment to see a therapist about taking some testosterone but it wont be for a few months.  I wouldn't mind making friends who are having the same difficulty in life as I am.  I give this site a MASSIVE bigup!  JD."
Joel Dee, United Kingdom (12/05/2004)

"At last, some recognition & understanding of this REAL medical condition... And people are starting to talk about it, rather than stigmatising sufferers and brushing the "problem" under the carpet.  A good site, a good organisation.  Keep up the good work so that others might not have to hide behind a lie of a life, like me, and never address the problem properly!"
Dill, United Kingdom

"It makes a change to find a site that offers direct contact.  I am a post-op TS of many years (MTF) and I live with my partner.  Being TS is like going to hell and back at times and you have no choices.  In the end if it is really right for you. its worth it. even if we do develope skins as think as a Rino."
Selina, United Kingdom (29/04/2004)

"I am the mother of a MTF Transperson, aged 21, and have known for three years.  I would really like to talk to parents in similar circumstances."
Sheila, United Kingdom (22/04/2004)

"I've just found your website via the Gendys Trust and I'll definitely be visiting again.  I get so upset reading stories of families breaking up because of this.  I guess I'm lucky ... I'm single and all my friends and work colleagues know.  I've been gender dysphoric all my life ... long before I'd heard words like transgenderism or transsexualism.  Apart from going to work, I spend all my time as a woman, I have a great social life and a really hunky boyfriend.  I'm too much of a coward to get treatment although lots of my friends say I should."
Johannah, United Kingdom (02/04/2004)

"I am a 29 year old MTF Transperson.  I have been like this since I was 8 years old.  I carried this huge burden and secret until a few years ago when I came out to my family and friends.  Everyone has been understanding and more than supportive.  I enjoy educating and helping people understand gender issues."
Stefani, United Kingdom (24/02/2004)

"I have just revisited the site for the first time in months and was amazed to see my first guest book entry still listed.  My ex-husband has now completed his changes and is very happily living life as a very attractive and confident lady (with signs of a romance).  It has not been an easy path for either of our families.  I am now happily remarried and my ex-husband is very happy.  There are still issues to face, especially for our eldest son, but hopefully we are all strong enough to get through it all."
Gaynor, United Kingdom (29/01/2004)

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