More of the comments our visitors have sent us:

"I am a pre-op Transsexual who has overcome most of the social trials - ie. work.  Starting a new life and now very happy as me but still can't regain the love from my ex-partner who I will love for ever.  This seems to the most painfull thing to endure."
Lesley, United Kingdom (15/01/2004)

"Just found the site.  Hope it helps when I finally get in."
Mary, Spain (03/10/2003)

"There are so many invisible people out here going through this.  Everyone is on their own, just holding on, while partners are striding forward trying to sort themselves out.  It makes me so angry sometimes.  I am relieved but depressed to see similar stories to mine here."
Kate, United Kingdom (04/09/2003)

"Nice friendly helpful website.  Keep up the good work.  Thank you."
Sandie Seward, United Kingdom

"Useful site - thanks.  I am a London based, BACP Accredited counsellor, with an interest in working with people with gender identity issues.  I found the site whilst using the net to research what support is already out there for gender related problems."
David Hawley, United Kingdom (25/05/2003)

"Just found this web site and its a great idea and must help many.  I am a M-F TS who has just started out at the Gender Clinic.  I have a family and wife, and I am trying to deal with where I go from here.  Having a sex change seems inevitable, but impossible at the same time.  I'd love to hear from other TS's to make friends, or anyone else who needs to 'talk'."
Debra Louise Graham, United Kingdom (23/05/2003)

"Just found this site through the Beaumont Society.  I am suprised that, after months of searching, I never found it earlier.  I am the partner of a TV man and would love to talk to anyone else who has experienced similar ... or just talk in general about transexual issues."
Christine, United Kingdom (19/05/2003)

"I am the mother of a TS MTF and would like to hear from another mother in the same situation.  It is still early days for our family as we just found out this year what was happening to our son.  I would be very grateful if someone would contact me.  Thank you."
J C McDowell from United Kingdom (10/04/2003)

"My husband is a TS.  He told me in Nov. 2002.  We have a 5 year old daughter and I am on the site looking for information on how to "deal with" this aspect of my new life, i.e. how to communicate what's happening to Daddy to my child.  Any advise or comments welcome."
Fencie, United Kingdom (09/04/2003)

"I am a male to female transsexual.  Thank's for letting me use your site.  I liked it a lot as I was looking for information for my cousin and found it.  Hopefully it will be useful to his parent's too.  My cousin had no information on transsexual women and did not know what I was going through, or did not understand it, and I hope it will help him.  I am sure it will."
Sarah Louise Stafford, Ireland (07/04/2003)

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