True Love Lasts

    If you loved me then
    Then why not now
    What were you thinking
    When you said that vow
    Did you marry a man
    Or did you marry me
    My change on the outside
    Will never change me
    I am still the same person
    All my feelings inside
    So why did you say
    That your husband had died
    All the things that you love
    All the feelings I had
    They are still there
    So why are you sad
    My body is wrong
    Not my feelings for you
    You will not believe me
    So what can I do
    You say that you're leaving
    That you cant cope
    But deep in my heart
    There will always be hope
    That a love we once shared
    Will spring back to life
    As my love stays strong
    For you my dear wife.

COPYRIGHT Liz Hazzard, 3rd December 2000

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