The Real You

    What are you hiding
    What cant I see
    There must be something
    you are hiding from me.
    I think you dont love me
    With our marriage you are bored
    But the real reason behind it
    Sure had me floored!!!
    You wear womens clothes
    That came as a surprise
    But I knew it went much deeper
    When I saw the tears in your eyes.
    You said your body is wrong
    I cant understand.
    I sit with you quietly
    Just holding your hand
    You start to tell a story
    From childhood till today
    A story from the heart
    I want to run away
    The man I love has gone
    A stranger in his place
    His clothes are all now different
    But I still know that face
    I cannot understand you
    I will not try to pretend
    But I cant let our marriage
    Come to a bitter end.
    I love you for your gentle ways
    The way you make me laugh
    The things I say on paper
    Are probably only half
    Of the reasons I stay with you
    Our lives are still as one
    From now until eternity
    I will never ever shun
    The real person inside of you
    The woman you've become
    Our lives are starting over
    Our new one has begun.

COPYRIGHT Liz Hazzard, 3rd December 2000

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