Cross-dressing Killed Our Love


Original letter:

"I thought if I encouraged him to dress up,
he would eventually become sick
of the whole thing.

But it had the reverse effect. He decided he
was a transsexual and tried to
commit suicide several times.

He is a very macho man, but no longer the
person I married. I don't fancy
him any more."


I'M replying to the reader who discovered her man was a cross-dresser, because I found mine was doing it four years ago.

WHEN my husband confessed he was a cross-dresser, I tried to support him because I love him.

I help him dress, do his make-up and style his wigs.  Sometimes we even go out shopping together while he's dressed up and he becomes my mate 'Wendy'.

I can handle all this because I manage to keep Wendy completely separate from my very masculine husband.

I love him for who he is and we have a fantastic sex life.

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