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Depend is an organisation for the support of individuals who have experience either as a family member or a friend of a transsexual person in the UK.

Our main Depend Forum, simply titled 'Depend' and found at, is open to all who are supportive of the aims of the organisation.

There is a separate list, called 'Depend-support', which is limited to the target audience of the organisation.  Transsexual persons themselves are not permitted to join 'Depend-support'.  This has the effect and purpose of making Depend-support a safe space where people can express their concerns without having to worry about upsetting their loved ones, or feeling embarrassed about their own feelings.

Where a TS person is involved in a relationship with another TS person, and they feel they may benefit as partners by receiving support from Depend, then they will invited to join only the main 'Depend' forum.  They will have access to all of our support facilities, and online resources, except for the private 'Depend-support' list for non-TS people.

To help keep things running smoothly, we have a simple Code of Conduct.  This isn't an attempt to control everyone, just a few rules to ensure that everything works smoothly (mostly just common sense).

All members are expected to post a brief intro about themselves shortly after joining - continued membership will be dependant upon their doing so.

By joining Depend you agree to accept and uphold the following Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

The list should be treated as confidential: nothing posted to the list may be quoted or reproduced anywhere else without the permission of the original author and of any list member who is quoted, or referred to, in the message.

It is also forbidden to reveal the identity, email address, or any other personal details of any other list member to any third party.

Harassment of another list member, whether on the list or off it, is unacceptable and may result in your removal from the list.

Personal flaming is best ignored and if flame wars become disruptive to other users a public warning will be issued by the moderators.  Flaming of groups of people is also unacceptable: for example, don't say "I hate transpeople..." when you mean "Some transpeople annoy me because...".

Advertising on list by people with "vested interest" in a business or products, or spamming by individuals or companies, will not be allowed.

We hope that the list will be essentially self-ruling but the moderators reserve the right to take action against any individual should they see fit.  Such action may involve issuing a warning to, or barring from the list, any individual who breaches this code of conduct, or who shows by their actions that they do not have the best interest of other users of the List at heart.

Please address any queries regarding this code of conduct, or the administration of the Depend Forums, directly to:

Thank you for taking time to read this List Code.  If we all work along the same guidelines, and with the same objectives and understanding, we will be able to encourage Depends success and growth well into the future.

Thank you for your support, which in turn, helps us support you.

The List Owner & Moderators
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