Family and Partner Support:

SOFFAMarmalade also at Facebook: support group for anyone with a trans person in their lives.

Straight Spouse Network: has a UK branch, supports straight partners of LGBT people (mainly partners of gay or bi men, but does point to some trans-appropriate resources).

COLAGE resources for people with trans parents : US group for people with LGBT parents, has an excellent manual written by and for children with trans parents.

Beaumont Partners: support group for female partners of trans people. The main Beaumont Society site has support and advice for trans people and web links aimed at partners.

See the links below also, most of which have resources for families, friends and partners including discussions of the transitioning process and links to support groups.

Support for (primarily) trans people:

TransFamily (Cleveland, USA): US support network for trans people but also has several mailing lists for partners and family.

Mermaids: UK organisation for young trans people and their families, with support and resources for both.

Press For Change : lobbying and legal organisation supporting trans people in the UK. Resources mainly relate to relevant law, also has extensive list of trans organisations.

Transsexual-UK: Yahoo group for trans people, familes and friends.

The Gender Identity Development Service: gender identity clinic for young trans people with resources and support for them and their families, including guidance for schools.

Gendered Intelligence: organisation providing support and resources in gender diversity issues especially for young people, has resources and events aimed at families

Research and training in trans issues:

Gires (Gender Identity Research and Education Society): support and research organisation for trans people, with resources and access to relevant research including material for schools and employers.

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